Weekly Update – 1/4/2016 – Fluval BioMax

By: Kevin | January 4, 2016

Since last update I’ve done very little by design. I have been trying to do lots of little water changes however I don’t think that has allowed my biological filtration to find its groove. I decided to hold back on the water changes to allow my biological filtration to do its thing.

Since last update:

  1. Added 2 boxes of Fluval BioMax to my 2nd chamber in my Biocube. This brings my total biological filration to stock bioballs and 3 boxes of Fluval BioMax in chamber 2. I believe this is working. My Ammonia has remained the same if not down slightly, Nitrites have jump noticeably, Nitrates have increase slightly.


Added two boxes to increase my biological filtration.
Fluval BioMax
pH ~6.8, Ammonia ~1.0-2.0, Nitrite ~1.0-2.0, Nitrate ~10.0-20.0
The tank has cleared up considerably since last post.