iPad optimization, Favorites list, search and other features coming soon!

By: Kevin | March 12, 2013

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably tired of looking through the list of adoptable animals, finding one you like, only to check back later to find that its no longer on the list! You’re in luck! As my iOS knowledge continues to grow, the ARL of IA app gets even more awesome!

Here is what’s “in the works” for ARL of IA 1.4 for iOS:

  1. Favorites List: Every animal can now be ‘Favorited’ which will save the animal to a list which can be edited (ie. reordered, deleted, ect). Although the favorites list can’t guarantee the animal will still be available when your ready to take him or her home it will let you know if he or she is still available. In the event an animal that is saved to your favorites is adopted, the Favorited animal will still appear, greyed-out, in your favorites list and inform you that the animal is no longer available (No more wondering where it went).
  2. All Animals List: Like browsing all the animals? Now you can from a consolidated list. 
  3. Searching: If someone ever tell you to look up “Izzy the cat,” your only option is to scroll through the entire list of cats (unfortunately, always the longest list). You can now search by Name, Gender, Breed and Age. I admit the search option isn’t perfect, but it is a nice improvement.
             Search Tip: If you search by age, make sure you search how ages are show in the pet profile. ie. If you are looking for a two year old cat, go to the cats list, click on the search bar, and type “2 years”. If you try to search by typing “Two years” the results won’t be what you intent.
  4. Performance and bug fixes: Ever notice if you scroll really fast occasionally an animals image will  appear on the wrong row? Well I have, and I’m happy to report I have found the source of the problem and corrected it. I’ve also found other areas of code that were not as efficient as they could be and I’ve updated it. Hopefully you notice that the app is a little snappier when your navigating.
  5. Save Images: Added the ability to save animal images directly to your Camera Roll. Click the “Share” button in animals details page and click “Save Image”

iPad Optimization

My beautiful bride bought me an iPad mini for Christmas (Score!!!). Naturally the first app I downloaded was ARL of IA! It was nothing new, worked the same as on my iPhone. Great right? Not for me, the “2x” button to blow up the size of the app bothers me.  After using my iPad awhile and seeing all the apps that were made specifically for the iPad, it became abundantly clear that I had to built an iPad version of ARL of IA. All the features mentions above are included in the iPad version as well.

Both ARL of IA for iPad 1.0 and ARL of IA 1.4 are currently being tested. Once final bugs are worked out I will submit both apps to the App Store.

I hope you enjoy all the hard work I have put into this project.

I would like to thank my bride for her patience for all those nights and weekends I have spent coding, researching and in general not paying attention to her because I was working on these apps. LOVE YOU!!!