I Moved,…with my tank

By: Kevin | November 3, 2011
I’ve relocated to Central Iowa and surprisingly, all my fish survived. I figured at least one would die in the process! It was a royal pain to move but I got it done. Because I had just started this new eco system, I didn’t want to start over from scratch. Therefore, the only way was to take it all with. Now, in my short time with saltwater aquariums, I’ve learned how expensive saltwater aquariums can really be I decided to downgrade a bit and purchased a 29 gallon bio cube by Oceanic. Instead of moving my 55 gallon tank, I took everything but the tank with me. I ordered my new tank and had it delivered to my new address. I loaded up water, sand, rock, and fish into buckets and packed it all up in my car. When I got to my new address, my better half and I set the tank up and put it all together. This way the eco system remained intact and reduced stress to the few with gills.
 Since the move I have had a problem with green cyno algae, something I need to clear up before I can start getting the corals I want. The one piece of coral I picked up for free started off promising, looking like this in its new digs….


Then has experienced a few set backs due to water conditions in the new tank.


The white, or covered by green algae, is dead, I figure about half of it is still alive. I hope to post more often now that things have began to settle somewhat. Stay cool.