business as usual

By: Kevin | August 3, 2011

Well, I haven’t spoke lately. And honestly I haven’t had much to speak about. The last few weeks have been slow. I have been feeding, my 3 fish that are left, flake food for the most part. They don’t particularly like it but when you hungry you’ll eat what you get.
I am still recovering from the metallic plumbing incident. This has set me back on my coral quest by at least a month, if not more. I still am having difficulties keeping a snail alive. I plan on changing water again shortly and am hoping that that does the trick.
The tank does appear to have stabilized and algae blooms have subsided. All three fish look very healthy. I can find three (of the original four) crabs. Good to know most of them survived. I have noticed that the crabs are most active at night and nearly impossible to find during the day.
Sorry this post is so sort but not much to report. I will post some Kibby funnies soon.
 Stay tuned my friends. 🙂