Saltwater Mister Bar Build

By: Kevin | May 14, 2011
Ever heard of Google Sketchup? I hadn’t either, Bing it (see what I did there?). Sketchup is a free program that allows you to do some pretty amazing design techniques otherwise known as CAD (Computer Aided Design). After my first experience, I can honestly say that I will use Google’s Sketchup for all future projects. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’m creating my own return mister bar. I’ve been so inspired by Sketchup, that I will potentially design a full aquarium hood with a jazzy LED lighting system (as it turns out, LED’s can also be custom built) here in the near future. However, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to focus on the mister bar. No worries though, I’ll get to the LED’s ;-). I love technology!!!
Like most new things, I didn’t read the directions and just decided to jump into Sketchup. I’m still learning but have gotten the jist of it…I think. While fooling around with the program, a fellow enthusiast and friend of mine, (who originally showed me Sketchup), took the liberty of designing the mister bar for me. He did a great job! Take a look at his work.
Couldn’t of done it better myself. I will be following Troy’s design and attempt to document the process. Check out this DIY video…