Discus Rapture!!! ;(

By: Kevin | May 29, 2011
Tragedy has struck. This news is a bit past due for a few reasons; one, I don’t tweet. And two, it’s been hard to swallow. All four discus have died! It started off like any other day; the sun shining, birds chirping, Kibby stepping out for a smoke. May 12th, 2011 is the day I’m speaking of. I fed Miguel, Rondo, Gloria, and Willow for the last time that morning.
            I left for work and began the daily grind. May 12th was a busy day for me, so busy in fact I had decided not to go home for lunch, (something I normally do). May 12th was also different because I planned on attending a work function that evening. However, I had decided to run home to quickly feed my gilled friends before attending this function.
            I got home, kicked my shoes off, and proceeded to the freezer to grab some bloodworm to begin the feeding. I didn’t notice anything wrong immediately and poured some food in. As I stepped back to watch the feast, it hit me, “Why are they breathing so heavily?!?!” I quickly opened the lid again and dipped a finger in and WHAMMY!!! The water was so hot it might as well have been boiling. L. I grabbed my thermometer and it was off the charts, easily 110+ F (that’s hotter than a hot tub people). In a frantic frenzy I turned the light off and took the lid off to let some heat out. Water doesn’t change temperature very quickly as we all know so I poured in some cool water to help out. There was nothing more I could do at this point.
            Sure, I could have taken them out and threw them into a 5 gallon bucket but I didn’t have much time between running home and making it to the work function I had committed too. There is no way of know how long my dear friends were cooked alive. I guess that guy in California predicted their rapture date correctly. R.I.P.  When I returned that evening, they were all goners. So what happened? After much deliberation, it was determined my heater’s thermostat malfunctioned. Just like any other thermostat, once a specified temperature is reached the heater is designed to turn on or off. Well, on May 12th, 2011 (fish rapture day) that didn’t happen.
            I was mostly mad but I proceeded to do I what any Irish man would do, I had a scotch in their honor. While sipping my cold beverage I decided I had to get rid of the fish before they stunk up my place. That or Kibby might learn to swim for some fish filets.  I know what your thinking… ‘Kibby plotted this whole thing didn’t she?’ After all, she does have striking similarities of Stewie from Family Guy. Of course I have my suspicions at first too, however, I had proper precautions in place to prevent this scenario. I had a guard on my heater so she couldn’t inadvertently change it. Tragic event like this happen. It could happen to you.
            I enjoyed my time with the discus, however short it was. L They were a very temperamental fish that challenged a novice like myself. If you were looking to get started in the hobby, I wouldn’t start with discus. Get yourself accustom to the hobby and work your way up to them. I’m still grieving but am getting stronger. Please refrain from sending your condolences. 
I have decided to tear down my hexagon tank and it is currently listed for sale on craigslist. I am now focusing all of my time on my saltwater tank, and Kibby.