By: Kevin | July 2, 2016

Using brew on OS X,

To install:
brew install mysql

To start the server:
mysql.server start

To stop the server:
mysql.server stop

Monthly Update – 6/27/16

By: Kevin | June 27, 2016

I’ve essentially let the tank go the past 3 months and have only added top off water as needed. Surprisingly thing are going great.

  1. 5 gallon water change.
  2. Plant has been growing nicely.
  3. 4 Cardinal Tetras are all healthy
  4. Phosphates are through the roof however everything else is normal.

"IMG_4084 IMG_4083

How to add or edit cronjobs

By: Kevin | June 27, 2016

Note to self:

Perhaps use sudo.

To list jobs:

crontab -l


To edit jobs:

crontab -e

Monthly Update – 3/10/16

By: Kevin | March 10, 2016

Depressing changes since last update:

  1. Tank die off, 17 Cardinals down to 4. Pelco died.
  2. pH has been creeping >7.5 so I’ve added some chemicals to bring it down. I also added a piece of drift wood. The day after adding the wood my pelco was dead so I took it back out.
  3. 15% water change, used tap water conditioner and Proper pH 6.5
  4. New filter
  5. New carbon
  6. Got a new Pelco.

Everything is near zero except Phosphates, which are through the roof! Which explains why the tank has had an algae bloom.


Got new lighting! 🙂

Weekly Update – 2/5/2016

By: Kevin | February 5, 2016

Since last post:

  1. 15% water change
  2. Vacuumed gravel
  3. New carbon
  4. New filter
  5. 17 more Cardinal Tetras, yes 17

Everything is around 0.


Weekly Update – 1/24/2016

By: Kevin | January 24, 2016

Since last update:

  1. Water top offs to account for evaporation.

Measurements have really stabilized. ph ~7.6, Ammonia ~0, Nitrite ~0, Nitrate ~0, and new for this post Phosphates which appear to be off the charts.


The water looks crystal clear. But if you look closely algae is on the rocks and all over my fake plant and the back wall.


Weekly Update – 1/4/2016 – Fluval BioMax

By: Kevin | January 4, 2016

Since last update I’ve done very little by design. I have been trying to do lots of little water changes however I don’t think that has allowed my biological filtration to find its groove. I decided to hold back on the water changes to allow my biological filtration to do its thing.

Since last update:

  1. Added 2 boxes of Fluval BioMax to my 2nd chamber in my Biocube. This brings my total biological filration to stock bioballs and 3 boxes of Fluval BioMax in chamber 2. I believe this is working. My Ammonia has remained the same if not down slightly, Nitrites have jump noticeably, Nitrates have increase slightly.


Added two boxes to increase my biological filtration.
Fluval BioMax
pH ~6.8, Ammonia ~1.0-2.0, Nitrite ~1.0-2.0, Nitrate ~10.0-20.0
The tank has cleared up considerably since last post.

How to prepare SD card for RASPBIAN JESSIE from Mac OS X

By: Kevin | December 28, 2015

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 2. I needed to put the OS on the SD card I had gotten. I don’t want to forget how I did this, so I’m writing it down.

  1. Download the OS image from Raspberry Pi site.
  2. Open terminal and go to the file and run: openssl sha1 /path/to/
  3. Make sure the sha1 matches whats on the download site to confirm file isn’t corrupted.
  4. Open Disk Utility on your Mac and format your SD card, I used FAT32
  5. In terminal, find your SD card by running: diskutil list
  6. Once you know what disk is your SD card unmount all partitions with: sudo diskutil unmount /dev/disk2s1 (Repeat as needed for all partitions)
  7. Unzip the Raspbian file by double clicking it, it should unzip a .img file.
  8. Lastly copy the image to the SD card by running: sudo dd bs=1m if=/path/of/img/file.img of=/dev/desk2 (Whatever disk it is. There is no progress bar so depending on your hardware this can take some time. Be patient.)

Weekly Update – 12/28/2015 – Tank PH Keeps Dropping

By: Kevin | December 28, 2015

Since the last update:

  1. 20% water change – 50/50 Tap and RO water
  2. Vacuumed gravel
  3. Removed 3 large cups of tank water and replaced with RO. RO pH read > 7.5. Hoping this will bump up the pH naturally a little.



pH has dropped significantly ~6.0, Ammonia ~ 1.0-2.0, Nitrite ~0, Nitrate ~5.0-10.0
pH has dropped significantly ~6.0, Ammonia ~ 1.0-2.0, Nitrite ~0, Nitrate ~5.0-10.0



The darker blue the higher pH. A few weeks I ago I did a little pH test and the results were quit different. Tap water pH has always been much higher pH however my RO pH has jumped quit a bit.
pH difference from tank



This picture was taken 12/17/15, RO pH level is much lower (left). Tank water was also much lower than I’d like to see it.



Still not as clear as I’d like.
Still not as clear as I'd like.

Water Test – 12/23/2015

By: Kevin | December 23, 2015

Tested the water again:

  1. PH: steady ~6.5-7.0, Ammonia ~1.0, Nitrite ~0.25-0.50, Nitrate 5.0-10.0





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